Trip to Ruidoso

Howdy Yall, My Father, brother, and I recently took a trip with a friend to Ruidoso, New Mexico this last week. It was very cool (in the 50s to 70s), compared to here in Texas, which made it quite enjoyable. I got to set up my hammock on the friends property; it was comfortable, but I didn’t sleep in it because of bears (ended up having one claw the door to the building we were sleeping in).

The first day we drove over to the Ruidoso Downs Racetrack, and checked it out.  Then we checked out the neighborhood that our friends property is in. There were some very expensive houses farther up the mountain from his, including one that had a full yard of fake grass (really cool!). We also checked out the Inn of the Mountain gods casino, it definitely took a lot of moolah to build it.

The second day we went to Wal-mart, and it was quite fun, with all the silliness we did, and also the view from the the parking lot was great. After that I got my hammock set up, and laid in it for a while enjoying the scenery. Then we drove to the top of Sierra Blanca Mountain and looked out from the viewpoint, and it was beautiful! And while we were up there we met some fellow Texans. Also got to watch a rain storm form and head our way, and that was awesome. For dinner we ate chicken fried steak at Lincoln County Grill.

The third day we ate breakfast at a little restaurant called Alto Cafe, and I wholly recommend  the Bonita Biscuit meal, it was delicious. Then we checked out property the rest of the day, most of it being on slopes that only a multi-millionaire could build a house on. For lunch we ate the shrimp meal at the Apache Tee restaurant, which had from 19 to 28 large shrimp on it, and I wasn’t able to finish my plate. On the way back to the friends place, we stopped at a couple of shops, one carved bears out of logs, and the other sold green chili’s. We got some free chili samples and headed to McDonald’s. There we requested a few pairs of buns, and then we put some mayonnaise and green chili’s on them, and that is what we ate for dinner.

The fourth day I spent a few minutes in the hammock (unfortunately the sun was in my face in the morning though). Then we drove out to Cloudcroft and walked the shops, bought a few things, and enjoyed samples of food. After that we ate at Big Daddy’s restaurant, and it was delicious.  Then we visited McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch, and tried pistachio samples, and ate ice-cream. After that we checked out St. Joseph’s Apache Mission, which had amazing acoustics, and was very beautiful.

The fifth day my dad went to meet another friend that happened to be there at the time, so the rest of us spent the morning at a couple of garage sales, where we got some deals, and also I got some ideas for welding projects. Then we visited some shops in downtown Ruidoso, and bought a few items (like good tourist). After lunch (KFC), we picked up my dad, and then headed to a christian camp he had heard about. While on the road to the camp (which was a few miles long), we saw some great views of Sierra Blanca.

The last day we woke up, packed our stuff in the car, and headed home (a nine hour journey).

I am definitely going to visit Ruidoso again, I don’t know when, but I will. I think you should visit Ruidoso too.

Alex T.

Here’s some photos from the trip:

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