About Me

Howdy! my name is Alex Taylor; I am a Christian, country boy, DIY’er, conservative, Ford enthusiast, working on being a Videographer, and now it seems a Blogger.

More specifically, I am the eldest (of 10) son of a pastor here in central Texas, and we’ve lived on my grandfathers farm (300 acres) almost my entire life, and I’ve loved it the entire time. I play the bass guitar, violin, a little stick dulcimer, and can sing a little too. I’ve worked for my father in the lawncare business for about 12 years. I was Homeschooled, and proud of it. I can weld, woodturn, make instruments, make knives, blacksmith, and sew (newest edition to skill-set), (probably more i’m forgettin’).

I hope in the future to also call, and to be called: Camper, Survivalist, Mechanic, Programmer, Photographer, Farmer, and a Man of God.


Alex T.